Benefits of Reading Fiction Books

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Raise your hand if you have thought of reading a fiction book but couldn’t do so due to a busy life. We feel your guilt, friends. With work, errands, chores, studies, and family obligations, it can be difficult to find time for such a leisurely activity.


But what if we say that reading fictional books is actually super important for your well-being?

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Yes, and we have a proof too. Reading fictional books is not just about some enjoyment and escape. Researchers have found that it can actually reduce stress by up to 68% -- that’s better than other relaxation methods, like listening to music or drinking a hot cup of tea.


This means if you are feeling stressed and tired, it’s all the more important to pick new fiction books and start reading. And this is just one of the benefits of reading fictional books.



Below, we have scooped up some of the best benefits you can reap from fictional books. Read and get motivated to start the habit again.


Psss… we have also added a few of the best fiction novels to read this year. So don’t forget to read till the end!


  • Improves Your Social Skills

Being on social media doesn’t make you social. But reading fictional books can definitely help you interact with people on a much better level.


How? Well, when you read classic novels, you can connect with the characters. It activates your brain to understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.



Soon, empathy kicks and you find it easy to connect with people. When you put the fictional book down, the feeling remains and eventually you learn how to bode well with different people.


  • Nurtures Creativity In You

Can reading Harry Potter make you more creative? Absolutely yes!


It takes you on an exhilarating journey of imagination where you can picture Harry riding the magical broom or Harmonie teaching Ron how to pronounce the spell correctly. Everything comes alive in your head and you eagerly wait for what happens next. This imagination and the feeling of uncertainty is how creativity is born.


So if you wish to be a little more artistic and creative, grab any of the fantasy books and start reading.


  • Improves Your Language Skills

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that people in possession of good fiction books, must be masters of a language. And if you are smiling at what you have just read, you certainly have read one of the best classic novels of English Literature. (Hint: It’s Pride & Prejudice).


Reading fictional books is a great way to polish your language skills. It can boost your vocabulary, improve your comprehension skills, and also help you write well. This is why every writer reads a lot.


  • Boosts Good Sleep

If you want a good night’s sleep, then put your phone away and pick any of the top fiction books. It will take you to the world of imagination, relax your mind, and slowly lull you to a calm sleep. No doubt why grandmothers used to tell us fairy tales and adventure stories at bedtime when we were little kids.


Even doctors suggest a good reading ritual before bedtime so that you have a good sleep and thereby, good health. Just make sure you choose from top fiction books so that you can escape to the world of fantasy and imagination.


  • Helps You Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

You may feel we are bluffing but trust us, we’re not. Reading fictional books or even non-fictional books can be a really good thing for your health. It is like an exercise for your brain just the way yoga is for your body.


And those who engage their brain with activities like reading or playing puzzles have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. This was also stated in a research published in Neurology.


  • Saves You From Stress

We said it in the beginning and we are going to say it again – reading fictional books saves you from stress. In fact, it doesn’t really matter which fictional book you pick.


So, whether you want science fiction books or historical fiction books, they are all going to be stress-busters. In fact, studies have shown that reading even for 6 minutes can slow down the heart rate and reduce muscle tension. Even reading this article makes you less stressed!


  • Lets You Live Longer

Honestly, we are not making this up. Reading books – be it the best adventure novels or motivational books – can help you live a little bit longer. According to research done by a team at Yale University, people who read at least 30 minutes a day are more likely live two years longer than those who don’t.


How does it happen? It’s kind of similar to how it saves you from Alzheimer’s disease. Your brain gets engaged when you read, giving more cognitive benefits and therefore increasing the lifespan.


Now, that’s a great motivation to start reading, isn’t it?


  • Makes You Super Happy

This seems like a perfect end point to all the benefits of reading fictional books. This simple activity makes people happy by significantly improving their life. Also, there have been several surveys that show those who read regularly are often more satisfied with their life.


Moreover, several studies have discovered that reading puts your mind into a “pleasurable trance-like state,” similar to meditation. The result? You feel happy and calm.


Want to test? Take a good book and read it while sipping a cup of coffee and you’ll understand what we are talking about!


Our Picks of Best Fictional Books

Done reading? Well, then we are sure you are excited to put more effort into reading fictional books.

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And as promised, here is the list of some of our best-selling fiction books you should definitely try:

  • Life of Pi
  • Harry Potter Box Set
  • Three Little Lies
  • Happy Ever After
  • Outsider
  • All About Us
  • Invisible Girl


In case you are still confused, we have the perfect option for you. Check out our Mystery box collection wherein we handpick different fictional books from your favorite genres and send them to your doorstep with an element of surprise. The shipping’s free and the benefits are endless.


Happy Reading!




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