Author -
Publisher - Quercus 

Edition - 2015 
Binding - Paperback 
Language - English
Pages - 542 
Condition - Use (Good Condition)

Lisbeth Salander gets under the skin of her targets like no-one else. Those who underestimate her live to regret it. If they are lucky....

Mikael Blomkvist-disgraced journalist, womanizer-is everything she ought to hate. But when she is hired by a security firm to investigate him, her report on his life reveals an integrity that fascinates her.

Then she discovers that Blomkvist, himself a brilliant investigator, is cracking open the cold case of a missing girl-uncovering secrets that have poisoned a family through generations.

And only one thing gives Salander greater satisfaction than exposing a liar:stopping a killer.

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