Contains collection of 30 Assorted Books | Free Bookmarks (Set of 14)

What's Mystery Box: We hand-pick 30 different books of your chosen genre from our library into a box. Each box is different from another so every reader has an element of surprise when they open their personalized Mystery Box.

Bookmarks: Click here to add a set of 14 bookmarks to your cart and it would be free at the checkout. In case you don't add bookmarks in cart, we will add 14 bookmarks from our end.

Note: This is a large size box containing 30 different books selected by us along with a set of 14 bookmarks. Selected books would be a combination of best-sellers, top authors, new authors, top and average rated novels in new & used condition(good conditioned). We do a quality check on each book for the best reading experience.

You can give your suggestions like: (books you already have or don't want & we'll not add those) in Order Comment section under View Cart option.

Highly recommended for libraries, bookstores, cafes, schools, personal use etc.

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