Author - Kaushal K Goyal
Publisher - Pigeon book
Edition - 2018
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 155
Condition - New

George Washington Biography book The True Story of America s Most Indispensable Man. There is properly no history; only biography,wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. If that is true of the general run of mankind, it is particularly true of George Washington. The story of his life is the story of the founding of America. His was the dominant personality in three of the most critical events in that founding: the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, and the first national administration. Had he not served as America's leader in those three events, all would likely have failed -- and America, as we know it today, would not exist.Buy George Washington Biography book online At Kitabay Online Store. \n \n  \n \nGeorge Washington Biography book Describe His Excellency is a magnificent work, indispensable to an understanding not only of its subject but also of the nation he brought into being. \n \nBuy George Washington Biography book online At Cheapest Price At:

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