The Science Behind Romance Novels & Why We Should Read Them?

by Shubhra Saxena

The Science Behind Romance Novels & Why We Should Read Them?

Are you ready to fall in love? We are talking about books of course! Let us talk all about Romance Novels and what’s been keeping us hooked on to them from such a long time till now, look at the history; the first romance novel was published in 1740 by Samual Richardson “Pamela; or Virtue Rewarded.” Even back then it was massive hit with multiple editions and translations.

So, what is it about these novels that makes them so appealing? Is there a science behind why we love reading romance novels so much? Let us answer these questions:

According to studies there are several reasons why people would read romance novels or even buy a romance of the main reason is that they provide an escape from reality, romance novels also stimulate our brain in many ways. For example, when we see a character falling in love, our brain releases these magic chemicals such a dopamine which in turn creates a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Let us hit you with a fun fact: These chemicals also play a role in bonding and social connection, which is why we readers relates so much with the main character.


Unlike the real world, where we can get into a lot of messy and complicated relationships, romance novels provide readers with a happily ever after ending. This can be so reassuring and uplifting, especially for readers who may be going through a tough time in their lives. We can at least day dream about a knight in shining armour whenever we want to, right? Who knows when it becomes true!




 Long gone are those times when female leads used to be vain and shown as a frail woman. We can all disagree with Mr. Hamlet here when he remarked “Frailty, thy name is woman.”

Romance novels often features strong independent female protagonists who are able to overcome challenges and find true love. How can we forget Elizabeth from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice “I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimony.” And this is an 1813 published classic romance novel, think about the literature in Romantic bestsellers now, female leads are empowering for readers specially for young women, who might be struggling to find their own place in the world.



 To conclude our ongoing love story in this blog lets just know that Romance novels are not just “fluff” or “trashy” reads. They are stories about people falling in love, and what could be more important than that? Plus, there are are so any different sub-genres within romance that you are sure to find something that speaks to you, weather a swoon-worthy historical romance or a steamy contemporary love story.

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by Shubhra Saxena