Author - Steve Hamilton
Publisher - Orion
Edition - 2003
Binding - Hardcover
Language -
Pages - 320
Condition - Used
It is October in Paradise, Michigan, and Alex McKnight is rebuilding one of his cabins with help from Vinnie LeBlanc, his Ojibwa neighbour. They're interrupted when Vinnie is called away to deal with a family emergency - his brother, Tom, has not returned from a hunting trip to Canada. He is already four days overdue. Alex and Vinnie decide to retrace the steps of the hunting party, driving all the way up as far as the roads will go in northern Ontario. When they arrive at the lodge, they are told that the men had already been flown back from the outpost, and had promptly left to return to Michigan. But something is not right. Aided by a young Cree Indian and his grandfather, they fly to the remote outpost. Left alone there, they discover a terrible secret. Now Alex and Vinnie are miles away from civilization, with no food and no weapons. And there's someone out there who definitely does not want them to make it back alive.

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