Chicken Soup For The Soul: Indian Fathers

byJack Canfield

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ISBN: 9789380658247

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An inspiring collection of stories about the amazing journey called fatherhood, Chicken Soup for the Indian Fathers recounts a range of experiences—the triumphs and trials, challenges and joys of raising a child. Recalling the first night with the newborn, helping a son get over the disappointment of a failed test, watching a daughter grow into a young woman, letting your child go, and welcoming her back home … whether a first-time father, or an experienced grandfather, these true-life stories of fatherhood will make you laugh, keep you inspired, and remind you that you are never truly alone on your journey.

Author - Jack Canfield


Edition - 2010

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 337

Condition - Use

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