Crusader Gold (Jack Howard, #2)

byDavid Gibbins

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THE HOLIEST OF TREASURES The gold menorah, symbol of the Jewish faith, stolen by Romans who sacked Jerusalem's Holy Temple. A HISTORICAL SYMBOL Carried in triumph through Rome, it came to represent the Empire's ruthless conquests. When the Romans moved to Constantinople, the menorah went with them... THE FINAL CRUSADE ...But it had vanished by the time bloodthirsty Crusaders pillaged the city in 1204. AND TO THIS DAY NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT IS. Turkey, present day. In Istanbul's harbour, on a dive for lost Crusade treasure, archaeologist Jack Howard discovers something wholly unexpected. Meanwhile, in an English cathedral library, a long-forgotten medieval map is unearthed. Together they could alter history. Suddenly the clock is ticking for Jack - and the stakes are already too high... What unfolds is a thrilling but lethal quest, stretching from Harald Hardrada, greatest of the Viking conquerors, to the fall of the Nazis and the darkest secrets of the modern Vatican. An exhilarating blend of history, fact and fiction, CRUSADER GOLD is another unputdownable read from the author or the worldwide bestseller Atlantis .

Author - David Gibbins

Publisher - Headline

Edition - 2006

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 467

Condition - Gently Used

ISBN: 9780755324248

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