Author -Mike Lunnon - Wood
Publisher -Diamond Books
Edition - 2000 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 566 
Condition - Used (Good Condition)

‘AN EPIC THRILLER BASED ON A CLEVERLY CRAFTED WHAT-IF PREMISE' Rowland White It started by stealth. At first, no one could see what was happening. By the time the alarm was raised it was too late. Ireland had been a financial assault consolidated by a military one. But as the island is overrun, it’s soon clear that the invaders did not anticipate the fierce resolve of of their Celtic opponents. Nor the determination of the country’s powerful allies to throw out the occupiers. While a strengthening Irish resistance mounts a fierce guerilla campaign to take their country back, the British bring to bear the full might of the Army, Royal Navy and RAF to liberate their friend and neighbour across the Irish Channel. DARK ROSE takes a bold premise and weaves it into a breathtaking, action-packed military thriller . If you like Tom Clancy, Frederick Forsyth, Andy McNab, Chris Ryan, Larry Bond, Dale Brown or Damien Lewis then you’ll love Mike Lunnon-Wood. Perfect for fans of Red Storm Rising, Sniper One or Bravo Two Zero or movies like Red Dawn, Dunkirk or The Siege of Jadotville. ‘Lunnon-Wood’s novels deserve a wider audience’ Warships Magazine What readers are saying about DARK ROSE and MIKE LUNNON-WOOD : 'A book that can hold its head UP WITH THE GREATS OF THE TECHNO / MILITARY THRILLER . Not at book you will want to put down in a hurry.' ' AN OUTSTANDINGLY WELL-RESEARCHED BOOK WITH AN EXCELLENT PLOT that completely drew me in - I felt myself welling up at points, and breathless at others. If you're a fan of this kind of genre, then buy it. You won't regret a single second you spend reading it. 'RED DAWN RISING MEETS THE EAGLE HAS LANDED' ' A BRILLIANT NOVEL that is difficult to put down once you start. As with his other novels I shall probably read it again at least twice. ' THE BEST I'VE READ in a very long time' ' LOVED THE WHOLE SERIES . Got them all.' ' LOVE THE DETAIL , the pace and the knowledge.'