Author - Anant Pai
Publisher- Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd
Edition -2008 
Binding - paperback
Language -English
Pages - NA
Condition - New

This pack consist of the following titles:1. The Jackal And The Wardrum2. Monkey Stories3. Jackal Stories 4. Elephant Stories5. Deer Stories6. Choice Of Friends7. How The Jackal Ate The Elephant8. Crows And Owls9. The Brahmin And The Goat 10. Jataka Tales : Bird Stories 11. Jataka Tales: The Magic Chant12. Jataka Tales: The Giant And The Dwarf13. Jataka Tales: The Mouse Merchant14. Panchatantra : The Greedy Mother-In-Law15. Panchatantra : The Dullard And Other Stories16. Jataka Tales : Stories Of Wisdom17. Jataka Tales : True Friends18. Jataka Tales : Stories Of Courage19. Jataka Tales : Tales Of Misers20. Jataka Tales : The Hidden Treasure21. Jataka Tales : Nandi Vishala 22. Hitopadesha: How Friends Are Parted 23. The Deadly Feast