Author - Unknown
Publisher -HarperCollins
Edition - 2000 
Binding - Hardcover
Language - English
Pages - 256 
Condition - Used (Good Condition)

'Hutchinson brilliantly conveys the atmosphere of terror...a gripping narrative' DAILY MAIL

'A brilliantly readable account of Henry's last years' SUNDAY TIMES

'Vivid and shocking' BOOKSELLER

The Tudors retained only a precarious grip on the crown of England, founded on a title that was both tenuous and legally flimsy. This left them preoccupied by two major obsessions: the necessity for a crop of lusty male heirs to continue the bloodline, and the elimination of threats from dynastic rivals. None was cursed more by this rampant insecurity than Henry VIII, who embodied not only the power and imperial majesty of the monarchy, but also England's military might. His health always had huge political consequences at home and overseas - hence his unbridled hypochondria.

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