Author - Publisher -  Point 
Edition - 2006 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 332
Condition - Used (Good Condition)

Shacked Up
A Lifestyle Thing

The dream might be dead, but at least Rich gets to keep the flat. Okay, he's not going to be a multimillionaire by the time he's twenty, but he's still making money and he's living in his boss's London apartment rent-free. So he's got his own place, he's got the gorgeous, if high-maintenance, Portia (well, almost) -- and he's got total freedom.

You can't put a price on that.

Trouble is, now he's got Bonny, too. She landed on his doorstep one night looking to escape from her controlling mother. She needed a place to stay, and Rich could hardly say no. But with Bonny hanging about indefinitely, will Rich find his independence -- not to mention his relationship with Portia -- compromised?

The second book in the edgy new trilogy from Kate Cann.

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