Author - Shashi Tharoor
Publisher - Penguin Books India
Edition - 2015
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 310
Condition - New
Critically ill, bollywood superstar ashok banjara lies suspended between life and death in a bombay hospital, a prisoner of the technicolour film that plays inside his head. As if for the first time, he watches himself rise to the heights of the film world and encounters again all the people he met and used along the way.  show business is many books rolled into one a wonderfully funny tale about the romance and folly of cinema, a novel on an epic scale of ambition, greed, love, deception and death. It is a fable for our time, which teaches us that we live in a world where illusion is the only reality and nothing is what it seems. buy show business book online and know more about book. \n \nShow Business parodies and satirises formulaic Bollywood cinema, using it as a metaphor in an attempt to raise and answer questions about contemporary India and Indians. It is a fictional work that tells the story of Ashok Banjara, a Bollywood superstar. Ashok Banjara is critically injured while shooting for a film and his entire life in Bollywood flashes in front of his eyes as he lies suspended between life and death in a hospital. The character and many incidents of Ashok Banjara's life are inspired by that of Amitabh Bachchan, the biggest superstar in Bollywood's history. \n \nbuy show business book online at kitabay online store and grab the best deals. please visit:

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