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''Unique and stunning. One of the most powerful novels you''ll read this year'' Stephen Booth on The Father In the second part of the highly acclaimed and internationally bestselling series Made in Sweden, one brother fictionalises the real crimes of his own family for a remarkable and epic novel. After six years in prison, Sweden''s most notorious criminal Leo Dûvnjac is free, acquitted of all but two of the ten bank robberies he and his two younger brothers pulled off. While behind bars, he befriended Sam Larsen, who was convicted of murdering his own father - and also happens to be the brother of the cop who caught Leo, Detective John Broncks. With Sam at his side, Leo seeks out his now-law-abiding brothers for one last job and a chance at redemption - or revenge. But Bronks is on to him, and Leo''s father has other plans for his sons . . . Now two sets of brothers will play out the tragic and thrilling destinies of childhoods built on heartbreaking betrayal. Praise for The Father and The Sons ''A powerful real-life story'' Guardian ''The emotional centre of the story is truly compelling . . . the sweep and scope are epic'' Herald ''Superior. . . builds to a breathless climax'' Sun ''A deep, clean cut into the body of fathers, sons, loyalty and family'' Sainsburys Magazine ''Will delight fans of Nordic Noir'' Crime Fiction Lover ''Mind boggling and captivating'' The Crime Warp ''An incredible story'' Crime Time ''Incredibly efficient and easy to read . . . gripping and thrilling'' Helsingborgs Dagblad, Sweden ''An unbelievably exciting and authentic story. . . One of the year''s best crime stories'' Östran, Sweden ''An insider story that beats any action film'' Aftonbladet, Sweden ''A remarkable blend of fact and fiction'' Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden ''Many of the scenes stick with you'' Expressen, Sweden ''A powerful and riveting reading experience'' Deckarbloggen, Sweden ''One of the summer''s best thrillers'' Café, Sweden ''The action in The Father is captivating. It holds us in suspense from the first page to the last'' LitteraturMagazinet, Sweden ''I have a soft spot not only for suspense novels, but also for coming-of-age stories; here, I get both!'' Bokbabbel, Sweden ''The craftsmanship in this novel is first-class. It is both exciting and dramatic in an almost cinematic way'' Gefle Dagblad, Sweden ''It is hard to put The Father down for more than the briefest moment. It is an empathetic story that vividly portrays perpetrators, victims and police'' Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden ''It is captivating to read about the inner workings of a gang of robbers'' Borås Tidning, Sweden ''A very clever suspense novel, a classic story of crime and punishment that is simultaneously a gripping family drama with a genuinely painful element'' BTJ, Sweden ''The Father is more than a traditional suspense novel. It is also a story of exclusion, a fractured family, an unfamiliar Sweden and a kind of honour culture. This is why it is so totally relevant to us'' Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden ''The Father isn''t just exciting - it also gives a sincere picture of a home that is a far cry from that of your average Joe'' Ölandsbladet, Sweden ''A thrilling novel that becomes something much more than a book you can''t put down'' Tara, Sweden ''A flawlessly constructed thriller'' Femina, Sweden ''The Father is thoroughly exciting from the first line to the last. Seductively well-written'' Kristianstadsbladet, Sweden ''A gripping coming-of-age story, flush with exciting scenes and the psychological battle between father and son'' Falu-Kuriren, Sweden ''The Father is a novel where we know already from the beginning how it will all end, but the way there is worth our while'' Aftonbladet, Sweden ''A book that seems infallible: bring on the cartloads of stars, the stellar reviews and the millions of readers'' de Volkskrant, Netherlands ''The Father is a book that will elicit a lot of response, a must-read for every crime lover. Actually, a must for anyone who likes to read'' Hebban, The Netherlands ''An incredible crime novel'' Brabants Dagblad, Netherlands ''The meticulous preparation and execution of the robberies are depicted stunningly'' NRC Handelsblad, Netherlands ''It is amazing how much tension the authors create while merely describing the preparations for the robberies. Even more exciting are the robberies themselves'' VN Thriller & Detective Guide, Netherlands ''Never before have I read a book that so successfully explains how people can end up as criminals'' Het Nieuwsblad, Netherlands ''The Father provides an intriguing insight in the criminal life'' De Telegraaf, Netherlands ''The Father is a technically wonderful novel crafted with breathtaking cleverness'' Corriere della Sera, Italy ''Totally crazy, totally reckless and totally brilliant: a well-researched fictional reality of a book ... the best crime thriller of the year so far'' Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Denmark ''The structure is strictly cinematic: well-formed scenes with sharp dialogue and seamless progress, making reading a pleasure. Once you''ve started reading, it''s hard to put the book down'' Politiken, Denmark ''It''s extremely well written, thrilling, gripping, gruesome, cheerful, anguished, heartwarming, and ice cold - spectacular in all ways. The Father is a world-class piece of fiction'' Fredericia Dagblad, Denmark ''[An] action-packed page turner - not for the faint of heart'' Elle, Germany

Author - Anton Svensson

Publisher - Little, Brown Book Group Limited

Edition - 2017-11

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 496

Condition - Gently Used

ISBN: 9780751557800

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