The Falls

byJoyce Carol Oates

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Paperback. Pub Date :2005-07-04 512 English HarperCollins UK A tale of murder. loss and romance in the mist of Niagara it is the crowning achievement of Joyce Carol Oates's career to date.A man climbs over the railings and plunges into Niagara Falls.Hes a newly-wed. and his bride has been left behind in the honeymoon suite the morning after their wedding.For two weeks. Ariah. the deserted bride. waits by the side of the roaring waterfall for news of her husbands recovered body.During her vigil. an unlikely new love story begins to unfold when she meets a wealthy lawyer who is transfixed by her strange. otherworldly gaze.So it all begins. in the 1950s. with the dark foreboding of the Falls as the sinister background to the tragedy.From this cataclysmic event unfurls a drama of parents and their children; of secrets and sins; of lawsuits. mur...

Author - Joyce Carol Oates

Publisher - HarperPerennial

Edition - 2005

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 481

Condition - Gently Used

ISBN: 9780007196746

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