The Long Journey Home

byJenny Whitfield

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The Long Journey Home tells the story of Josie, who was abandoned at birth and brought up in a children’s home. Her childhood is happy until she is fifteen, when she has a distressing experience with a man which leads to her running away. Being a determined young woman, she finds work and somewhere to live. Her life improves, however she remains wary of men, especially after yet another upsetting encounter. Her life changes when she goes on holiday to Spain with a friend. There she meets a young waiter, Manuel, who tries to befriend her, but she shuns his advances. Despite this, she is bewitched by the country, and vows to return. One year later, she fulfils her promise and starts to build a new life there, where she meets Manuel again. This time she cannot help but fall in love with him. However, their relationship is doomed from the start. Manuel’s mother strongly disapproves of their relationship, and does everything she can to sabotage it. In an attempt to escape, Manuel and Josie move into a small villa together, but instead of rebuilding their relationship it deteriorates further. Manuel turns to drink and becomes violent, so once again, Josie must escape. Penniless and alone, Josie makes the momentous decision to walk back to England. With nowhere to stay, no money, no job and no one to depend on, can Josie defeat the odds and make it back home? The Long Journey Home is a poignant yet uplifting tale that will appeal to those looking for a story of strength through adversity.

Author - Jenny Whitfield

Publisher - Troubador Publishing Ltd

Edition - 2016-09-28

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 368

Condition - Gently Use

ISBN: 9781785893483

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