Author - Carol Drinkwater
Publisher -
Edition - 2004
Binding - Hardcover
Language -
Pages - 290
Condition - Used
'The stars shimmer like spilled handfuls of glitter. The day is beginning to rise with a faint mist. As I turn my head, ghostly halos, auras of light, appear and disappear and I cannot tell if it is caused by my lightheadedness or is a freak of nature. The silence is truly awesome. Not a bird, not a whisper of wind, not a breath of life. Only the two of us, a most implausible pair, standing shoulder to shoulder gazing upon an awakening heaven'. Carol Drinkwater has already built up a large readership eagerly awaiting the third volume of her Olive Farm memoirs. Returning to their home after an extended absence Carol and her husband Michel are looking forward to summer together on the farm. A shocking blow leaves Carol alone. The future is uncertain. The Olive Harvest takes us beyond the perimeters of her olive groves to where hunters, poets, bee-keepers, boars and gypsies abide. In search of the language of troubadours, the dark and sometimes barbarous heart of Provence is revealed. Nature and the generosity of the South of France's harvests offer a path to joy and an abundant resolution. The magnificent humanity and honesty that characterised the first two episodes of her trilogy sets Carol Drinkwater's work apart from others in the same genre. The Olive Harvest and its vibrant Mediterranean world will enthral her many readers.