As Easy as Pi: Stuff about numbers that isn’t (just) maths

Author : Jamie Buchan

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ISBN-10: 1843173557
ISBN-13: 9781843173557
Goodreads: 6505161

Author(s):Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
Published: 6/11/2009

Have you ever wondered what makes "seventh heaven" and "cloud nine" so blissful and the number 13 so unlucky? Here’s the "4-1-1" on the origins of numerical expressions and the importance of numbers in fiction, film, culture, and religion, including:

• How 007 became James Bond’s number

• Imaginary numbers and how they exist

• How the binary system manages to say so much with only two numbers

• That bedding has nothing to do with being "three sheets to the wind"

• The burning literary question: Why did Ray Bradbury name his novel Fahrenheit 451?

• Which block of Social Security numbers will never be assigned to anyone

With Easy as Pi, you’ll soon impress your friends with your knowledge of numbers––even if you’re math averse. Make this and all of the Blackboard Booksô a permanent fixture on your eReader, and you’ll have instant access to searchable knowledge. Whether you need homework help or want to win that trivia game, this series is the trusted source for fun facts.

"Explore the book at your leisure, whether your interests are in history, games, or numerology. You can count on it to please any puzzle lover, curious teen, or math fan. The influence of numbers in our lives remains a mystery, but this light-hearted look at numbers with graphs, charts, and games is highly entertaining." –Blogcritics (Blog)

"I found this book very interesting and full of great informationÖIt makes a great coffee table or bathroom reading book. It is best when read little pieces at a time. I have skipped and skimmed and read just about the entire book in a week. A few times I ended up taking it with me to work because I was interested in reading more. Whether or not you like numbers, they are a part of everyday life. You should learn a little more about them the fun way: read Easy as Pi!" –Thrifty and Frugal Living (Blog)


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