Battle Born

Author : Dale Brown

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ISBN-10: 0006512011
ISBN-13: 9780006512011
Goodreads: 982078

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Published: 8/7/2000

Patrick McLanahan returns to dramatic flying action as conflict between North and South Korea sparks an international crisis -- in the latest high-tech, high-action thriller from ex-pilot Dale Brown, the bestselling author of Flight of the Old Dog and The Tin Man. Filled with explosive adventure, unforgettable characters and cutting-edge technology, Dale Brown's New York Times bestselling novels have established him as the undisputed master of the aerial technothriller. Now he returns to the air in a spectacular novel about a new generation of brash young heroes... Aerial combat expert Patrick McLanahan's latest challenge is to turn a group of young, maverick pilots into America's premier tactical strike force. This already difficult task takes on unexpected urgency when the fragile peace in Asia is shattered as South Korean fighter-bombers attack North Korea in support of a massive people's revolt. To the world's surprise, North Korea surrenders, the borders are thrown open and the defiant new United Republic of Korea is born -- ready to use its reserve of nuclear warheads to take on the USA and even the might of China in order to preserve its sovereignty. Enter McLanahan's raw, a

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