Boost your memory

Author : Darren Bridger

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Author(s):Publisher: Infinite Ideas (Trade)
Published: 6/24/2008

In Boost your memory, expert author Darren Bridger provides 52 brilliant ideas and brain training exercises that will help you make and store new memories effectively and re-arrange your existing memories for more effective recall. Boost your memory will help you perform better at work, and make sure you never forget another anniversary or important detail again. Simply brilliant.
About the Author
Darren Bridger is a neuroscientist and author whose interests include brain-imaging and human performance. Darren is a co-founder and producer at Mind Masterclass Films, a company who produce educational DVDs on mind improvement subjects. Additionally, Darren acts as an associate director of Neuroco, who specialise in using neuroscience to understand people's reactions to new product designs and advertising, and The Mind Lab, who specialise in measuring the mental and physical responses of people in almost any situation or environment.

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