Iggie’s House

Author : Judy Blume

Average Rating:

3.7 rating based on 3,862 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0330398091
ISBN-13: 9780330398091
Goodreads: 820101

Author(s):Publisher: MacMillan UK
Published: 11/3/2006

There's a new family on Grove Street. Winnie's best friend, Iggie, has just moved away - and Winnie's bored as hell without her. So she's determined to be friends with the new family - especially Glenn, who's kind of cute.

But certain people don't want the Garbers to be there, and have started a petition to get rid of them. You see Glenn and his family are black, and Grove Street is stuck in the past. And the toughest thing of all is that Winnie's terrified her parents might sign the petition - and there's nothing she can do to stop them.

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