Knock Three Times!

Author : Marion St. John Webb

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3.7 rating based on 159 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1853261327
ISBN-13: 9781853261329
Goodreads: 800631

Author(s):Publisher: Wordsworth Classics
Published: 4/5/1994

Molly is desperately disappointed when, instead of the longed-for silver bangle, her Aunt Phoebe sends her a small, grey, pumpkin-shaped pincushion for her birthday. But at night, when the full moon shines, the pumpkin turns out to be a magical one. It leads Molly and her twin brother Jack into a strange land and an extraordinary quest which is by turns thrilling, chilling and hair-raising. This eerie tale of high adventure has an enduring appeal to all who love to have their blood deliciously curdled.

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