Playing For The Ashes

Author : Elizabeth George

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4.1 rating based on 12,861 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0553408453
ISBN-13: 9780553408454
Goodreads: 3170654

Author(s):Publisher: Bantam
Published: //1994

"The story begins with my father, actually, and the fact that I'm the one who's answerable for his death.  It was not my first crime, as you will see, but it is the one my mother couldn't forgive."

In her astonishing New York Times bestseller, acclaimed author Elizabeth George reveals the even darker truth behind this startling confession. Playing for the Ashes is a rich tale of passion, murder and love in which Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers once again find themselves embroiled in a case where nothing—and no one—is really what it seems.  Intense, suspenseful and brilliantly written, Playing for the
will make readers "search out the sleuthing pair's first six adventures...a treasure," as Cosmopolitan predicted in their review.

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