Stories Short and Sweet

Author : Ruskin Bond

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4.0 rating based on 373 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-13: 9788129124630
Goodreads: 18579705

Author(s):Publisher: Red Turtle
Published: //2013

Stories Short and Sweet by Ruskin Bond is a collection of his choicest short stories capturing the myriad facets of life in the hills. Humour, nostalgia, love, friendship, trust and betrayal – Bond captures every mood that makes childhood worth remembering. From the nostalgia of country life revisited in When the Tress Walked, to the beautiful bond of friendship formed between an old widow and a young boy owing to their shared love of flowers in A Bouquet of Love, from a mischievous ghost in Pret in the House to a little boy craving for sweets in The Wild Fruit – this collection encapsulates the magic of extraordinary emotions seen in ordinary lives. Every story is delicately woven into a memorable vignette set in the backdrop of the countryside or the middle class urban life. The many shades of childhood and a rich cast of characters make it a fascinating read, especially for young readers.

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