The Road to Nab End

Author : William Woodruff

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ISBN-10: 0349115214
ISBN-13: 9780349115214
Goodreads: 1040894

Author(s):Publisher: Time Warner Books UK
Published: 1/3/2002

William Woodruff had the sort of childhood satirised in the famous Monty Python Yorkshireman sketch. The son of a weaver, he was born on a pallet of straw at the back of the mill and two days later his mother was back at work. Life was extrememly tough for the family in 1920's Blackburn - a treat was sheep's head or cow-heel soup - and got worse when his father lost his job when the cotton industry started its terminal decline. Woodruff had to find his childhood fun in the little free time he had available between his delivery job and school, but he never writes self-pityingly, leaving the reader to shed the tears on his behalf.

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