Trains and Lovers

Author : Alexander McCall Smith

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3.6 rating based on 5,485 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1846972639
ISBN-13: 9781846972638
Goodreads: 18803142

Author(s):Publisher: Polygon
Published: //2012

In the words of Alexander McCall Smith: "You feel the rocking of the train, you hear the sound of its wheels on the rails; you are in the world rather than suspended somewhere above it. And sometimes there are conversations to be had, which is what the overarching story in this collection is all about. It is a simple device: people brought together entertain one another with tales of what happened to them on trains. It takes place on a journey I frequently make myself and know well, the journey between Edinburgh and London. It is best read on a train, preferably that one."

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