Author -Wilbur Smith
Publisher-Pan Books
Edition - 2008 
Binding - Paperback
Language -English
Pages - 1042 
Condition - Used( Good Condition ) 

A Time to Die:

A new revolution is raging that will forever change the face of Africa. Caught between the politicians and the deep wilderness tribes, between the sudden crack of a rifle and the blood-lust roar of the wild, one man struggles for survival.

As the world around him burns with passion and death, professional hunter and guerrilla fighter Sean Courtney is trapped between his worst enemies, an overwhelming love for a woman, and his instincts to survive--and kill. From the hunting grounds of Zimbabwe to the scorched wastelands of Mozambique, Courtney is thrust into an odyssey of fear, a hunter turned hunted, as a raging modern war tears out the heart of Africa's ancient wilderness.

Elephant Song:

Ivory. In Africa, it is the tragic and thrilling object of greed, corruption, and senseless death. In this dangerous world of poachers and blood money, one determined man and one dedicated woman risk their lives to stop the senseless slaughter of a species on the
brink of extinction.

Following a trail that leads from the Mountains of the Moon and the deep forests of central Africa to the secret opulence of Taiwan and London's corridors of power, naturalist Dr. Daniel Armstrong and anthropologist Kelly Kinnear fight the battle of their lives against terrifying adversaries--the powerful individuals and conglomerates who would wipe out an entire race of human beings to satisfy their insatiable lust for ivory....

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