Author - Suresh Mohan Semwal
Publisher - Books Wagon
Edition - 2016
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 160
Condition - New
\n \nIf I were to ask you to pen down the top ten reasons for your success in life. What would you write? I know you cant just write ten, there will be thirty reasons. But still in your top 10 list you might have the following reasons: 1. Hardwork 2. Commitment 3. Patience 4. Honesty 5. Discipline 6. Dedication 7. Positive Attitude 8. Skills 9. Education 10. Attention to details We have a very natural tendency to overestimate our contribution in case of success and underestimate in case of failure. Is it not so? There are always people who help/assist/guide/supervise/motivate us to attain success. We tend to remember those who hurt rather than who help. If we really observe our life events and success we will realise that there are many people without whom we could not have become successful. So always be a humble winner!. \n \n

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