Author - Jyotin Goel
Publisher - Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd
Edition - 2017
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 289
Condition - New

None have the courage to destroy a curse and look the future in the eye . . . None, other than the legendary warrior Bheem As Mandodari, the queen of Lanka, watches the destruction of her golden kingdom, her wrath takes the shape of a curse-nothing less than the annihilation of humanity. Manifesting as a virus, it spreads through the vanaars (the simians) over the centuries. Unknown to modern-day humans, its destructive path has already begun . . . Travelling through space and time, Bheem has arrived in the present to seek out the four humans who, with their natural immunity, will help develop a vaccine. But this task is far from easy. Standing in Bheem s way is an old rival from the past who has come forth to prevent the cure from being found Ashvatthama. Another epic battle is about to begin.

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