Author - Stephen King ,  Peter Straub
Publisher - Orion
Edition -  2012 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages -819 
Condition New(Good Condition)

Abandoned by his friends as they cycle through the Wisconsin town of French Landing, ten-year-old Ty Marshall spots a crow hopping towards him down the sidewalk. Then it calls his name. Fascinated, Ty gets off his bike for a closer look - and is dragged into the shadows.

Is Ty destined to become the fourth victim of the Fisherman, the serial killer who's stalking this sleepy town? If so, only ex-detective Jack Sawyer may be able to save him. Jack left his old life behind precisely to avoid such madness, but lately he's been visited by strange nightmares and visions. Could the doomed past he thought he'd escaped forever be reaching out for him... from the Black House?