Author - Sanjay Solkar
Publisher - Vijay Goel
Edition - 2010
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 152
Condition - Used
Shivaji,an icon of freedom fighers in Indian struggle for independence, was named after Goddess Shivai. From his father Shahaji he got the inspiration to build an independent kingdom. Shivaji using Guerilla tactics and with his revolutionary military organization realized this dream. He build strong and impregnable forts which also speak of Shivaji's technical knowledge. This book not only gives an account of the great Maratha King's life and his rule, but also includes study, analysis and ciriticism carried out by eminent scholars on various aspects of the legend's life. \nAbout Author : \nIndia Bookvarsity intends to provide the best of philosophy, religion, arts and history of the most ancient essentially thought-oriented, secular-democratic, federative and peace-loving country and culture-India for the new generation now spread all over the world, looking for their identity and seeking authentic knowledge about it. Starting 205, first selection of 13 significant works, and second set of 20 biographeis of world famous people are published, suitably edited keeping in view the mindset and requirements of the present-day fast progressing youth, is herewith presented. Any ideas and suggestions as well as support would be welcome.