Author - Danny Baker,Danny Kelly
Publisher - Random House
Edition - 2009
Binding - Hardcover
Language -
Pages - 305
Condition - Used
At long last, the award-winning Baker & Kelly bring you the most entertaining, radical, and unreliable football book ever published. It is full of facts, near facts, and "facts." The Two Dannys intend to argue the toss, spill the beans, and heave the talcum about everything and anything from the game's biggest questions to some more middling posers right down to stuff they have frankly invented themselves. Questions include: Which clubs have the handsomest fans? Who is the greatest player of all time? and Have foreign players helped or hindered the English game? A cornucopia of footballing fun and well-crafted wisdom that is certain to sell like beer-flavored chips. Who wouldn't want this book on their roster, except maybe Dick Rowe? Baker & Kelly: Sometimes right, sometimes wrong--but always certain.