Publisher - Simon & Schuster
Edition - 2008 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 2247
Condition - Used (Good Condition) 

Skeleton Coast - 1896: Four Englishmen flee for their lives across the merciless Kalahari Desert, carrying a stolen fortune in raw diamonds, and hunted by a fierce African tribe. The thieves manage to reach the waiting HMS Rove - only to die with their pursuers in a vicious storm that buries them all under tons of sand . . .

Medusa - Synopsis In the Micronesian Islands, a top-secret US undersea lab vanishes . . . At the same time, off Bermuda, a bathysphere operated by NUMA and overseen by Kurt Austin is attacked and becomes stranded half a mile below the surface. Only quick thinking and bold action will save the crew - which includes the head of a certain, now-missing undersea lab - from a watery grave. Austin is convinced both events are connected, and he puts NUMA on the case. Soon he's uncovering some hideous medical experiments and evidence of a terrifying virus that could be used to create a worldwide pandemic. Behind it all lies an ambitious Chinese criminal organization prepared to commit mass murder to achieve its ends. Now Austin must put his life on the line in order that millions will be saved from death .

Trojan Odyssey - Long hailed as the grand master of adventure fiction, Clive Cussler has continued to astound with the intricate plotting and astonishing set pieces of his novels. Now, with a surprising twist, he gives us his most audacious work yet.

Sacred Stone - 
In the remote wastes of Greenland, a young scientist has unearthed a hidden artefact - a 50,000 year-old meteorite known as the Sacred Stone. When he discovers its potentially catastrophic powers, he finds himself in the crosshairs of two opposing terrorist groups.

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