Author - Kaushal K Goyal
Publisher - Pigeon book
Edition - 2015
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 175
Condition - New
This collection contains some of the gems by Rabindranath Tagore, who undoubtedly put India on the literary map of the world. These stories hold the readers enthrall from the opening sentence itself, bringing the various characters to life in vivid detail. \nBuy rabindranath tagore book of collected stories filled with some of his best work. Buy Rabindranath Tagore Book online At Kitabay Online Store. \n \nKnown largely for his poetry, Tagore wrote novels, essays, short stories, travelogues, dramas, and thousands of songs. Of Tagore's prose, his short stories square measure maybe most extremely regarded; he's so attributable with originating the Bengali-language version of the genre. His works square measure oftentimes noted for his or her tripping, optimistic, and lyrical nature. Such stories largely borrow from deceivingly easy subject matter: commoners. Tagore's non-fiction grappled with history, linguistics, and spirituality. He wrote autobiographies. His travelogues, essays, and lectures were compiled into many volumes, together with Europe Jatrir Patro (Letters from Europe) and Manusher Dhormo (The faith of Man). His transient chat with Einstein. \n \nBBuy Rabindranath Tagore Book online At Cheapest Price At: \n \n