Author  - 
Publisher  Time Warner Paperbacks
Edition - 2002
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 352
Condition - Used (Good Condition)

"Maggie Owen has given up her day job to stay home with her infant and toddler; her husband, Jake (well, they aren't exactly married), is a busy advertising executive. Maggie is trying to resign herself to a life of playground mums and soiled clothing - when one day she runs into a former classmate." Claire Masterson was the girl at school Maggie had always wanted to be, and surprise, surprise - at sixteen plus twenty, it's as if nothing has changed - she's grown up into that kind of woman too. She has everything: confidence, beauty, glamorous job, glamorous clothes, and a glamorous sex life, causing Maggie to question the chaos her own life has become. Jake is always working late...Maggie is suspicious, and when Claire talks a little too knowledgeably about him, Maggie starts thinking the unthinkable. The lengths to which she goes to find out the truth and regain her confidence throw her life - and her relationship with Jake - for a loop. 

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