Publisher - Canongate Books Ltd
Edition - 2017 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 496 
Condition - New

The idea of freedom is at the heart of our political and economic systems. It is foundational to our democracy, our way of life - our very conception of what it is to be human. But are we free in the way that we think we are?

In Creating Freedom, Raoul Martinez compellingly dismantles the sacred myth of freedom, showing that our belief that our institutions are free, even our sense of ourselves as agents of free will, is all based on false understanding. From the lottery of our birth, to the coercive influence of our media, to the self-reinforcing, consent-manufacturing realities of power and money, this far-reaching manifesto fiercely demonstrates just how differently we would act if we accepted how the world really is.

It shows that freedom is not something we are given; it is not even something we can easily take. But with empathy, imagination, and determination - it is something we can create.