Author - Danielle Steel
Publisher - Corgi
Edition - 2005
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 496
Condition - Used
Set in Europe through the World Wars, three generations of women share a story that will echo across time. \nThe summer of 1915 was a time of prosperity and unease for the Wittgenstein family, and for eldest daughter Beata it was a time of awakening. By the glimmering waters of Lake Geneva, she met a young French officer and fell in love. \nAs the years pass, Beata must watch in horror as Europe is once again engulfed in war. Her daughter Amadea is forced into hiding, and family and friends are swept away without a trace. Taking on daring missions behind enemy lines, Amadea discovers her place in an unbreakable chain between generations . . . between her lost family and the family of her future.