Encyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment - Fire In The Mind

byAugust Hahn, Ralph Horsley

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You wish to study enchantment with me? Are you certain you understand what it is you ask? The school of enchantment specializes in a very powerful but very personal form of magic, making people, places and things affect the minds of others in ways that can be very intimate indeed. With this magic you can make someone fall in love, pledge devotion to a task, or defend a place with his very life. Enchantment, by its nature, is an elitist art. One cannot be set apart from others by magic, like an enchanter is over those ensnared through charms and compulsions, without becoming a little distant. Good enchanters try to use this magic responsibly. Evil enchanters revel in their ability to enslave others and force their will upon the world. Enchantment truly is a fire in the mind. Harness its power or prepare to get burned... Enchantment - An Study the intricacies and complexity of the school of enchantment Usurping the A detailed study into the world of the enchanter, including prestige classes and ideas on how to develop and explore the powers at his command. Spells of A host of new spells for enchanters and other spellcasters, including a new line of spells for the charmed creatures at the enchanters beck and call. Enchantment Specific feats aimed at further expanding the options and ideas for the development of enchanters and enchantment based magic. Once a victim has had its will shattered by an enchanter, it can become a mind-bound thrall under the permanent control of its master. Magic New magic items to aid enchanters in disguising their school specialization or expanding on their options and powers. Help for Games How to make use of this book in your campaigns, including rules for mental trauma for when the will is stretched too far.

Author - August Hahn, Ralph Horsley

Publisher - Mongoose Publishing

Edition - 2002-11-26

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 64

Condition - New

ISBN: 9781903980491

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