Author - Willie Rushton
Publisher - Pavilion Books
Edition - 1993
Binding - Hardcover
Language - English
Pages - 64
Condition - Used
This is an Alphabet of CATS \nA Feline A to Zed \nYou can house it in your lavatory \nOr keep it by your Bed \nYou can end at the beginning \nBy starting from the End \nOr browse and dip and cry 'Hip! Hip! \nHurrah' for Man's Best Friend \n \nThe Poet Rushton \n \nAn alphabet of cartoon cats including Alcoholic Cat, Cat of the Baskervilles, Casseroled Cat and Hell Cat. \n \nLarge drawings in day-glo colour are accompanied by short verses, plus nine smaller drawings for each letter of the alphabet.

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