Author - Michael Palmer
Publisher - Arrow
Edition - 1997
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 300
Condition - Used
\n \nYoung, talented, and ambitious, Dr Eric Najarian has all the qualities they're looking for at White Memorial Hospital. \n \nWhat Eric doesn't know is that he's being watched. And judged. \n \nAn elite clique of medical professionals thinks he has what it takes to join their secret club. All the young doctor has to do is agree to play by their rules. \n \nBut Eric has already seen too much. A missing body. An unspeakable mutilation. A brutal abduction. It's only the beginning of a terrifyingly evil plot, a sinister plan the group will stop at nothing to hide. And if Eric refuses to become their colleague - he will be their next victim. \n \n