Author -
Publisher - MacMillan General Books
Edition - 2000 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 422  
Condition - Used (Good Condition)

To the delight of her many readers, Elizabeth Jane Howard has been producing prose of a subtlety, intelligence and feeling that has rarely faltered during the 50 years she has been writing. She is able to successfully straddle the disparate worlds of the popular and literary novel and this new book is among her most accomplished. Choosing a cynical and compromised first-person narrator, Howard introduces us to Henry Kent--a man looking for a woman --- preferably one with a little money.

Henry, in late middle age, is living without means on a dank houseboat. Getting by on his charm is no longer feasible and when writer Daisy Langrish buys a cottage close by, he sets his sights on her. But those around Daisy --- her agent, her daughter--begin to ask questions about him. And the revelations they uncover have them very worried indeed.