Author - Sarah Quigley
Publisher - Little, Brown Book Group
Edition - 2005
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 320
Condition - Used
In the middle of a city, in a deserted apartment block, a woman lives, alone. She has just fifty days to complete her self-imposed task. Bustling into her apartment each day strides a girl with tiger hair and pink satin leggings, sparkling with life: the Candy Girl is the woman's only contact with the outside world, and essential to her lonely task. This solitary existence she has chosen becomes less possible as each day passes. From the window opposite she sees a crippled man watching her, and as they furtively observe one another, their lives become inextricably linked. Warding off the past, the woman works relentlessly, her deadline looming closer day by day, but memory invades, melding with the present, and her tragedy unfolds . .