Author - Jeremy Clarkson
Publisher - Penguin
Edition - 2009
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 328
Condition - Used
He’s difficult, argumentative but totally unafraid to express views guaranteed to tread on many people's toes -- that's Jeremy Clarkson. And it's for those very reasons why for everyone for whom his name is anathema, there are an equal number will avidly consume his every word. As For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarkson, Volume 3 forcefully reminds us, Clarkson’s must venomous hatreds are reserved for political correctness, and his conducting of a one-man war on ‘crimes against common sense’ has made him an unlikely hero for many, who husband their opinions with much greater care. Clarkson continues to be driven into a frenzy by a great variety of things that impinge on his consciousness, and his splenetic responses are immensely entertaining.