Author - Andrew Fusek Peters
Publisher -
Edition - 2006
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 127
Condition - Used
There's nothing that Fred likes better than to stroll around the local graveyard. For Fred isn't your normal type of kid-he just loves all things ghoulish and ghosty, even if it means getting grief from Barry the Bully at school. But one day while mooching around the cemetery he suddenly slipsdown a hole and enters a whole different world-the world of ghosts! To be accepted, he must pretend to be dead (of course) and he finds himself taking the entrance exams to Ghost School. Fred succeeds and has a whale of a time, for he can now practise his spooking as much as he likes, and he meetslots of hilarious characters. When his cover is finally blown and he returns to his own world, his new friends are very useful for giving old Barry the creeps . . . Full of variety and humour with an appealing design to draw the reader in, this book is great for dipping into or reading from start tofinish. There are many different types of poems and plenty of jokes and riddles to make this collection a useful resource for teachers as well as highly appealing to children.