Good Housekeeping Cooking For Friends and Family

byGood Housekeeping

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The ultimate recipe collection for feeding a crowd When the mood calls for food that feeds the people we love, this every-eventuality entertaining bible will have you covered With over 400 recipes and page after page of mouthwatering photographs, this book is filled with dishes to suit all types of gatherings and celebrations. There are canapés and slow cooks, brunches, bakes and barbecue spreads, as well as meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and the most decadent seasonal feasts. What’s more, every recipe has been Triple-Tested in the Good Housekeeping kitchens to ensure it works perfectly, every time From one of the world’s most trusted brands, this book is full of convivial, flavour-packed food to reunite over and indulge in

Author - Good Housekeeping

Publisher - Chatto & Windus

Edition - 2000

Binding - Hardcover

Language - English

Pages - 388

Condition - New

ISBN: 9780008487836

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