Author - Susan Sykes Hendee,Mohammad Al-Ubaydli
Publisher - John Wiley & Sons
Edition - 39146
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 176
Condition - Used
Culinary success is in your hands! Whether it's keeping and using ingredient lists, contacts and appointments, employee and team tasks, or just random pearls of culinary wisdom, your handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) is reshaping the culinary profession. Unlocking the potential of this useful device, Handheld Computers for Chefs gives you an edge in handling stresses - especially the logistical ones-and better enables you to deliver great meals to your customers. Written in collaboration with the author of the highly successful Handheld Computers for Doctors, this pocket-sized resource is the premier guide to PDAs in the foodservice industry. It offers a proven format for teaching both novice technology users and experts, featuring detailed explanations of handhelds, their applications, and more. Real-world case studies highlight uses of PDAs in today's culinary environments, making this resource fun to read and easy to put into practice. Handheld Computers for Chefs includes coverage of: Choosing the best handheld and software Maintaining food inventory and ordering Entering menu items Managing projects and large teams Utilizing music, ebooks, and games for chefs Using the Web on your handheld Organizing your life with your handheld Taking written and voice notes Ready for use by professional chefs, purchasing managers, and other foodservice professionals, as well as culinary students, Handheld Computers for Chefs is the key guide for successfully using a PDA in the foodservice industry.