Author - Robert Crais
Publisher - Orion
Edition - 2001
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 400
Condition - Used
\n \nWhen a convenience store robbery goes horribly wrong the three young men who perpetrated the crime make a run for it. Hotly pursued by the police they crash into the suburban home of an accountant and take the family hostage, and before they know it, an armed siege ensues. This is the last thing the local sheriff wanted - after all, he left the force in L.A. because of the stress, and this is about as stressful as it gets. To make matters worse, the gang have chosen the wrong accountant to hold hostage. He works for the Mafia and he holds all the local family's financial records. Soon the mob are on the scene and a nightmarish, high-tension three way stand off develops. \n \n