Author - Michael Jenner
Publisher - Viking Books
Edition - 1992
Binding - Hardcover
Language - English
Pages - 240
Condition - Used (Good Condition)
The past in Ireland lives on powerfully in the present. An amazing variety of physical remains, bearing the scars and trophies of Ireland's chequered history, tell of bygone personalities, endeavours and events. This beautifully illustrated narrative uses a multitude of these places as stepping stones through the ages to evoke the glory of Ireland's heritage. From the awe-inspiring dolmens, passage-graves and stone circles of prehistory to the elegant streets and squares of Georgian Dublin and the industrial urbanism of Victorian Belfast, Michael Jenner takes the reader on a series of journeys through historic Ireland. Majestic castles express the constantly recurring themes of turmoil and armed settlement; while noble country houses of Classical and Gothic style reflect changes in taste as well as social and political fortunes. Gold ornaments of the Bronze Age, sculptured Celtic crosses, Cistercian monasteries, Palladian drawing-rooms and lonely thatched cabins in the countryside are but some of the many tangible remains that offer fascinating clues to the lives of the ancient warriors, saints, statesmen, landed gentry and the ordinary folk of Ireland. Through a wealth of buildings and artefacts which capture Irish history, Ireland Through the Ages presents an inspiring glimpse into the past and its people. Combining outstanding photographs with a richly informative text, this is a book to enrapture tourists and armchair travellers alike - and indeed anyone with a curiosity and enthusiasm for this historic land.