Author - Betsy Woodman
Publisher - Random House India
Edition - 2012
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 300
Condition - Used
n the first of a charming series, we meet Jana Bibi, who has inherited her grandfather’s house in an idyllic hill station in India. Casting aside the conventions of her upper-crust upbringing, Jana Bibi moves with her chatty parrot, Mr. Ganguly, and her loyal housekeeper, Mary, to a town where the local merchants are philosophers, the chief of police is a tyrant, and a bagpipe-playing Gurkha keeps wild monkeys at bay. Settling in, Jana meets the town’s colorful local characters who gather at the Why Not? tea shop—her neighbour, the contemplative darzi, who struggles with his business and family; former college friends, now respectively shopkeeper, whose shop is bursting at the seams with objects of unknown provenance, and newspaper editor, who burns the midnight oil at his printing press; a tyrannical head of police who rules the village with an iron hand; and the the young man with a golden voice, who wants to be a singer in the movies. When word gets out that the small town is in danger of being flooded by a new government dam, forcing everyone to move and start over, Jana is enlisted to save the community. Will Hamara Nagar survive? With some luck and Mr. Ganguly the fortune-telling parrot, fate may be on their side.