Author - Max Barry
Publisher - Little, Brown Young Readers
Edition - 2004
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 335
Condition - Used
A brilliant satire on globalization and marketing hype. In the future, the world will be run by giant American corporations. Everybody will be so happy, tax-free and rich that they will loyally change their name to that of their company. Which is where Hack Nike comes in. Hack s career is going nowhere fast. In the future, this is not a good thing. So when John Nike and John Nike offer Hack Nike a job marketing a new line of really, really expensive trainers he is understandably thrilled. Until, that is, he discovers his duties include establishing street cred for these shoes by shooting teenagers... Described by Naomi Klein as brilliant and hilarious , Jennifer Government is a wickedly funny thriller for the No Logo generation; a funny, fast-paced and ferocious satire on globalization and capitalism.